More Randoms

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .
Two random dolls because busy reasons. . . Today I have two more randoms rather than more AG friends or reviews or rescues, as I'm busy getting a new group of customs out. The featured girls are Our Generation May Lee and Laura Ashley vintage doll Alana Michelle.

So I happened to notice them standing together on the shelf and decided it was time for a photo. I've had Alana for several years; she was one of my first 18" AG friends and I think she is the cutest! I collected her along with all her Laura Ashley friends during my first year as a doll fan, but eventually had to give up most of them while trying to pare down my collection. Alana was my favorite and I couldn't quite part with her, so she's stuck around a while longer.

As for May Lee, I searched for her for many months at Target stores before I was able to find her. I originally saw her advertised when she was one of the first OG Asian dolls and thought she was too cool not to have! There are a number of other OG Asian dolls now (with different face molds) but May Lee was up there at the start of it.

Both of these girls will hopefully be finding new homes soon; it's really tough parting with them, but I still have too many dolls and really need the room, especially now as I'm focusing on customs.

These two look like they could be best friends. :)


Daisy's picture

I have May Lee, and she is a cute doll. However, I think Our Generation made the eye sockets too tall, which is why her eyes often look a bit off. Apart from that I think she has one of the cutest face moulds. The 'Abrianna' face mould, carried over from the Collector's Lane dolls, has the same issue with eye sockets that are too large. I'm also impressed you got her fringe (bangs) to lie so flat. Most May Lee dolls, including mine, seem to have hair that sticks way out at the front.
Little Raven's picture

Yeah the eyes.
I think I just got lucky with the fringe; she came out of the box like that. :)

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