My Twinn 18" Pearl and Kim

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .

So today my two random dolls are not so random. They're 18" My Twinn Pearl and Kim. I've been on a mission for these girls for awhile; they're a bit harder to find. I missed one or two eBay auctions in that time but was finally able to get both of them!

My bigger quest is to get all four 18" Asian molds, Pearl, Kim, Berkeley, and Cai. I've collected three of them in the last year and hopefully I'm zeroing on the last.

As you can see, both Pearl and Kim need new eyes; they've turned that sad cloudy purply-red color that MT eyes sometimes do--plus they also need new clothes. My goal is to restore eyes, hair, whatever needs restoring, and then make some authentic ethnic styled clothing for them. It's not a small order. It won't happen in a day. But it will happen.

Updates incoming.

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