February 2016

It's Almost Here

Little Raven Creations Basics: Boxer Shorts. Soon to be here. I'm going through the final test runs today. There are actually two styles offered in this pattern; three if you count the variation on one.

Good doll boxer shorts are hard to make. How hard? Well, I wanted something that could actually be worn under clothing without bunching and lumping, so I had to strike a good balance balance between authentic and workable Read more about It's Almost Here

Castle Chaos

Oops, I've been AWOL for a while trying to deal with everything at the homestead, or Castle Chaos--by which name it shall be known for the moment.

Besides persistent car problems making it very difficult to get here or there, when I need to get here or there (yeah I'm way too old for this) and little stray animals that keep making their adorable way to my home and tumbling about with little stray animals who made their way to my home 15 years ago and now just want to be left in peace. . . Read more about Castle Chaos