September 2016


Fant'sy Frock testing: now that I got it together in the actual fabric, I'm thinking it needs adjustments. Go figure, I can't always see it until I reach this stage.

So I'm not 100% sure about the sheer hi-low train thingy. Maybe in the main fabric it will work better. But it's got something. . .

Embroidery floss as a temporary laceup, didn't have the right cording. Read more about Fancy

LRC Fant'sy Frock in the Works

I got to painting my custom dolls when I realized I didn't have all the colors I needed. Apparently I thought I could paint the brows and lashes with flesh colors too! So after playing around with some blush and lip color, I set the heads aside and I ordered some more paints in the right colors.

They won't be here for a week maybe, so in the meantime, I started working on a new pattern, a fantasy-type frock. It will be perfect for a witch dress, and just in time for Halloween! Read more about LRC Fant'sy Frock in the Works