AG Doll Friends

Creatology Modern Girl

Modern Girls by Creatology made their first appearance at Michaels craft stores sometime in late 2015.  They were originally brought in as a seasonal item and sold alongside the Springfield Collection dolls that had been previously sold there. Since then, Modern Girl dolls have continued to be sold through Michaels.
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Positively Perfect Divahs

The Positively Perfect Divah Collection was created by World of EPI CEO Dr. Lisa Williams who wanted to "reflect the beauty and diversity of African American girls" and promote them as Dignified, Intelligent, Vivacious, Attractive and Humanitarian (DIVAH). Read more about Positively Perfect Divahs

Springfield Collection Dolls

The Springfield Collection by Fibre Craft describes itself as "a brand of fun, fashionable and affordable 18-inch dolls, clothing, accessories and furniture." Their modestly priced 18" dolls have have been a popular alternative to the costlier American Girl dolls, but the current Springfield Collection dolls are the result of a long evolution, beginning in the mid 1990s. Read more about Springfield Collection Dolls

My Life As Dolls

My Life As dolls first appeared in 2012 when Madame Alexander introduced a new 18" play doll collection which featured dolls in different life roles, and were sold exclusively through Walmart. MA had been partnered with Walmart the year before for their 2011 Friends Boutique collection but replaced them with the new My Life As dolls. Read more about My Life As Dolls

New Adventures Dolls

New Adventures LLC Toys, founded in 2001 by siblings Beth and Joseph Reiling, has focused on offering innovative quality "girls' toys and dolls" at value prices. They've had several 18" dolls collections: Good Kids, B. Girlz, Style Girls, and more recently, Play Zone Style Girls.

Not a great deal of information exists today about these separate collections, so it's difficult to know anything for sure. But Good Kids may have been the first. . . Read more about New Adventures Dolls

Meritus Dolls

Meritus Industries, popular in the 1980s for their version of the Ginny doll line, sold a number of 18" dolls under various collections during the 1990s. Some of their more prodigious were the Elite/ LIfetime Dolls and Girls on the Go collections. In late 1999 they merged with DSI Toys and sold Disney Sweethearts dolls before closing up shop in 2003. Read more about Meritus Dolls

Lotus Onda Dolls

Doll and toy manufacturer Lotus Onda was established in 1972 and is the force behind the popular toothy, chubby-cheeked dolls distributed by Today's Girl, My London Girl, My Pal/ My Sibling, The New York Collection, Canadian Newberry dolls, and defunct companies like Gali Girls. Read more about Lotus Onda Dolls

Kingstate Friendship Kids

Kingstate the Dollcrafter originally produced porcelain collector dolls in 17" or 19", but in 1998 they released a vinyl 18" doll collection called Friendship Kids that strongly resembled the company's porcelain dolls.

Then in the mid 2000s, the Friendship Kids were slightly updated with a new wardrobe to look less like their predecessors and more like popular vinyl dolls. Read more about Kingstate Friendship Kids

Harmony Club Dolls

Harmony Club Doll Lyric
Harmony Club Dolls is a relatively new doll company that has managed to survive in an extremely competitive doll market and emerge as a success. HC got started in 2012 by buying dolls wholesale from China, customizing them by switching out wigs, and then reselling them for a profit. Their original motto was "Peace, Love and Harmony." Some of the first dolls who were part of this "1st" generation were Arianna, Samantha, Makayla, Summer, Juli, Liberty, Alyssa, and Alexa. Read more about Harmony Club Dolls