Creatology Modern Girl

Modern Girls by Creatology made their first appearance at Michaels craft stores sometime in late 2015.  They were originally brought in as a seasonal item and sold alongside the Springfield Collection dolls that had been previously sold there. Since then, Modern Girl dolls have continued to be sold through Michaels.

Modern Girl dolls were received enthusiastically by the doll crowd, many who even preferred them over the Springfield Collection. Their charming faces and cute smiles were instant winners, and their aesthetic cloth and vinyl bodies made them a very affordable alternative to expensive American Girl dolls.

Creatology Modern Girls: Zoey, Kaylee, Madeleine, and Lauren

There are four dolls in the collection: brunette brown-eyed Lauren; blonde blue-eyed Madeleine; both with light skin; black-haired brown-eyed Kaylee with medium dark skin; and brunette brown-eyed Zoey with medium skin. All the dolls use the same face mold.

Zoey and Kaylee


The dolls have sleep eyes with both regular eyelashes and painted in eyelashes on their upper eyelid (which can look a little odd when their eyes are closed). They have nicely feathered eyebrows. Their face paint is very subtle and natural looking.

Their rooted hair is probably not their best feature however; it's a bit sparse in places, unevenly cut, a little unruly, and can get tangled. It tends to get less manageable over time. But it is overall relatively thick and looks cute with some attention and care.

All of the dolls have medium to long hair. Madeleine and Lauren have wavy hair, Zoey has straight (ish) hair, and Kaylee has curly hair. Madeleine and Lauren have a side part, Kaylee and Zoey have a center part.

Madeleine and Lauren

Some dolls have back hair parts.

The dolls are relatively well-stuffed and can stand fairly well on their own, though some may need to slightly bend forward at the waist to balance.


They also do a wide split when sitting and their feet turn nearly backwards. They need their hands to help them from tipping over.

To their credit, Creatology has gone the extra mile to make the color on the cloth torso match the vinyl limbs well.

The cloth bodies are slightly smaller and thinner than American Girl doll bodies, though they can share most clothing. The Modern Girl clothing seems to fit American Girl dolls well enough, although some AG clothing may hang a bit on Modern Girl. Their feet are slightly smaller and shoes may not fit as well.

Modern Girls' arms and legs are aesthetically formed and have little realistic details, like the creases on their palms and the underside of their toes.

Creatology Modern Girls are just under 18" tall.

Mattel American Girl Truly Me #42 and Creatology Modern Girl Zoey
  Pleasant Company AG Mattel AG Creatology  Modern Girl
height 18" / 46cm 18" / 46cm  17 1/2" / 44.5cm
head 12 1/4" / 32cm 12" / 30.5cm  12 1/4" / 32cm
chest 11 1/2" / 29cm 11 1/4" /28.5cm  10 1/4" / 26cm
waist 11 1/4" /28.5cm 10 1/2" / 27cm  10 1/4" / 26cm
hips 12 1/2" / 32cm 12" / 30.5cm  11 1/4" /28.5cm
The measurements are approximate. Individual dolls may vary.

There is no Creatology or Modern Girls website that gives additional information about these dolls. Even the boxes they come in are curiously scant on information. The box offers the individual doll's name and some basic care instructions in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. That's it. There's no doll backstory like Springfield dolls have; there's not even information on the Creatology brand.
Modern Girl dolls simply seem to be a generic, low cost alternative American Girl. Even so, they are some of the cutest low-cost dolls on the market and their mysterious lack of a back story in no way hinders them from competing with other low-cost American Girl alternatives. They have a certain, simple sweetness that's hard to resist!
They sell exclusively at Michaels for about $25-$27, but with coupons and frequent sales, they can sometimes be gotten for less.  Modern Girls have a number of different outfits and accessories like hand bags, sunglasses, and jewelry that can be bought separately for about $4 - $11.


Daisy's picture

They do have nice faces, much better than the Springfield Collection dolls, in my opinion. Perhaps their foreheads are a little deeper than normal (or their hairlines are too high), though, particularly when the dolls' hair is pulled straight back.
Little Raven's picture

I never noticed that before, but they do actually.

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