Did That Really Just Happen?!

Did I just buy what I think is a MAG #26 on eBay for somewhere in the $20 range?!

I have been admiring this little beauty with her bouncy brown curls and amber eyes since, well, forever! Well let's face it, my budget is pretty limited and I haven't bought that many American Girl dolls in general; I usually stick to the lower end dolls for my clothing models. I definitely didn't have any AGs who looked like this girl, and for my AG Doll Friends posts, I was feeling a bit gimped up to now.

I usually try to choose American Girls that have a lot of common features with the the "Friend" doll to get a fair comparison with another brand, and with my planned post on New Adventures dolls in the not so distant future, I was wondering which of my AGs I would use to compare to --but I kept coming up short.

MAG #26 from the American Girl Web Site
So I decided to take a quick look at eBay to get an idea how much damage it might be to find a good match for her, and lo and behold, there she was, #26, for a super low buy out! Well, call me sheltered, I have seldom seen any American Girl doll go for a very low price unless she is pretty banged up or being sold for parts--and yet this coveted doll looked nearly perfect.

Ok maybe a little hair frizz, but what's a few flyaways, and when was I ever not able to fix them? Either way I had to do a double take to be sure that was her because it all seemed too good to be true. Yep, it was definitely her, so I nabbed her! Maybe I have no idea what this doll usually goes for (the other two I found were in the $50 and $70 range) but to me this feels like finding buried treasure! #sohappy!
UPDATE:  She's arrived! Wow, I have to say she's really beautiful! She's used, of course, and her hair is a little frizzy, but I knew that going in and I've got plans for a fix anyway. I do love the color, a lovely, warm dark brown. And I wouldn't say her eyes were actually amber; they are more of an olive color, with hints of both green and brown, which the afternoon sunlight really picked up in the photos I took of her right after unboxing. She's absolutely unique and gorgeous. I'm so thrilled with this pretty doll, and what a bargain she was!
I've decided I'm going to call her Reine. It just came to me when I opened up the package and saw her and knew that's who she was going to be. She's settling into her new home now and getting acquainted with the other girls. :) Welcome home, Reine.

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