Fant'sy Imagination

Fant'sy Imagination
With the Fant'sy thing done and out of the way, I was glad to have a day or two to take off and meanwhile clean up my desktop. Since I do everything from the first concept design sketches to the pattern drafting to the pattern digitizing to the dressmaking to the photography to the guidebook layout and file creation, to the copy writing and whatever comes after or in between, my digital desktop was looking a bit cluttered from the last month or so's intense journey!

So while I was reorganizing folders, I had a chance for a better look at the series I took of my Tonner My Imagination doll (who doesn't have a name yet) wearing the Fant'sy Frock black and purply version, and realized she really looked beautiful in it! I couldn't get the witch hat over her huge head of curls (I did try) but I think she ended up looking fine without it. With the curly do, the dress almost gave her a dreamy romantic carnival look--all she needed was a little half mask! There's an idea for another pattern, I called it!

My Imagination Curly Sue is such a gorgeous doll, I would have loved to have added more pictures of her in this dress to the pattern guidebook. But I was trying to get the pattern out asap before Halloween, so I didn't get to dwell on any one picture much to think about what to do with it. So I'm just now really appreciating this set of photos.

And the finished dress fit her fairly well--not perfectly--but ok. MI is a little narrower in the shoulders and chest than the standard 18" doll, so the neckline didn't hug her as well as it could have. But it did fit her well enough and there is no denying she looks stunning. :) I haven't fully investigated it but I'll assume My Imagination dolls can share most clothes with American Girl dolls. This is whom I was originally designing for.

If nothing else, I can get a bit of a sense that this dress design can offer many different looks with the right fabric switches. A witch and a pirate just scratch the surface. Steampunk next much maybe?

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