I have a Twinn!

Okay, so I take back everything I said about My Twinn in my . Well, most of it. I still can't get the custom doll I want, but I was able to find one that's a fair consolation in their Adopt a Friend section.

I think I picked one with the Ariel face mold, though again I was wanting the Danielle mold. Actually, I can find no evidence that Danielle exists in either the custom or Adopt a Friend dolls, go figure. But either way, I found a doll I can live with--or at least customize so I can live with it.

My Twinn Adopt a Friend dolls actually offer quite a few dolls with the Ariel face type, as well as a few of the Berkeley face (IMO every bit as cute as the Danielle). They're offered in several different skin, hair, and eye tones too. And I suppose what they don't have, I could probably customize myself to create the doll I want.  So I am a reasonably happy girl, no more complaints, promise. ;)

MY TWINN 18" DANIELLE (left) AND 18" BERKELEY (right)

I have to ask myself however, what will this My Twinn doll I ordered actually be like? The provided Adopt a Friend picture makes it hard to say; it isn't very revealing and I have no idea of the length or texture of the hair. However, I chose this particular doll because she had the Ariel face with olive skin and green/brown eyes, which is one of the combos I tried to create in My Twinn's custom creator for the Danielle face (to no avail). So now I'm waiting for her to arrive to see how close she is to what I've been hoping for.

Interestingly, a few My Twinn fans have  noticed that the 18" Ariel face mold can be sometimes confused with the 18" Danielle. I can see a bit of a resemblance myself, though there are distinct differences. Ariel's eyes are rounder and have an open and curious look to them, while Danielle's eyes have a calmness not visible in her lookalike's face. Ariel has a poutier lower lip and larger ears; her face is slightly less round. Danielle has a sweet, serene smile, while one corner of Ariel's half-smile seems to tug outward, making her look slightly cynical. Well at least this girl is interesting if nothing else!


Of course I'm only judging from photographs, so who knows how they compare in person. Anyway now comes the waiting game. I'll withhold any further assessments until my new girl is here. ;)



UPDATE: She's here and I'm kind of floored! She's actually super pretty!

I am mostly amazed by her long long long curls, which is the look I was going for in the custom creator and happened to get just by chance in my adopted girl, so I'm thrilled about that. And her face has a certain mischievousness that didn't come through in her My Twinn profile. She's a beauty! And so unique; I don't think I have quite seen another doll like her.

I admit I don't care as much for the double eyelashes that my Twinn applies to both the top and bottom eyelids. They look a bit overwhelming on this smaller doll. (Original My Twinn dolls were 23".) I may change them, or maybe I'll get to like them eventually, who knows? I'm not crazy about the template-painted eyebrows either, and I will probably have a go at re-doing them at some point in the future. But for now, I am really, really happy with this pretty girl.

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