OG's New May Lee

Our Generation May Lee

I believe this is the first Asian model offered by Our Generation, and she's adorable! I'll be honest, I haven't always been that taken with Our Generation dolls. But I got one or two for my series and started to kind of grow on me. Later I picked up and couldn't believe how unbelievably cute she was--like how could I have ever though OGs were anything but adorable?!

Then I ran into May Lee the other day on my daily stroll though web space and I was literally half way out the door to Target until I realized I'm broke and this is going to have to wait. But isn't she beautiful? I like how she retains that OG look but definitely appears Asian.

And to be honest, I'm not really even sure if its just the hair and eye color and style that makes her look Asian or if she has has an actual new Asian face mold. I'm 99% sure she does, but not being 100% versed in OGs and only having the one image to go by, I'm not committing, forgive me OG fans.

Either way, I'm pretty sure Our Generation did not previously offer an Asian model, so this is big news as far as I'm concerned. And May Lee is such a cutie! She absolutely must find her way to Ravenhome! So while everyone is going ga-ga over American Girl Maryellen's debut next week, I'm fixating on May Lee. Ah, the days till next pay day!! The wait is going to be painful.

UPDATE: So I can't seem to find this doll anywhere, what's up with that? She was not at my local Target any of the times I have gone looking for her in the last week (three to be exact). She is definitely not available though Target online. Actually, I do see her on eBay, though she's a bit over priced and I'm not crazy about the hiked up shipping cost either. Well, if she doesn't materialize at my local Target anytime over the next few days, I might have to bid on her. I have been known to do that now and then against my better judgment. ;)

UPDATE: Meh, I decided I can wait. She may be rare, but $60 for an OG doesn't work for me. I'll just take my lumps and make periodic pilgrimages to Target instead. :)

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