My Proto Elf Hat

Proto Elf Hat

The proto elf hat for 18" dolls (most of them) is coming along! It looks great with the Fant'sy Vest too.

So the basic hat is done; it just needs a little elf magic bling. But even at this stage without a single bead, bell, or stitch embellishment (including on the vest) it already looks super cute. I'm hoping to have the pattern done and up on the website shop (and Etsy store) by the weekend. Read more about My Proto Elf Hat

The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy

Several weeks working day and night with little break and my first custom pattern is live! This has been a very crazy experience, from first concept, to early drafts, to testing testing testing, digitizing, guidebook writing, and finally seeing it go live.

I never realized before how much work goes into pattern designing and creating. I have a heck of a lot of respect for those who have been doing it awhile. It probably gets. . . Read more about The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy