Before She's Gone

Caroline Abbot

Last month American Girl ® announced they were retiring yet another of their historical dolls, this time Caroline Abbot from year 1812. I'm not going to get into the good and bad of this, it gets complicated; I'm just bringing it up to say I absolutely had to get her before she's gone. 

Now, I've been really really wanting Caroline for a while, ever since I made a bunch of Elsa dresses last winter and needed a flaxen-haired doll model to make them look authentic. (Okay, and she's really  cool looking too). I didn't have the money back then, so I had to settle on a revised Felicity to play Elsa and I suppose she did alright with that--but Caroline!! Nope I could not let this awesome doll get away before I could make her part of my doll family.

So I plunked down the $110 to get her, ouch, assuming (or presuming) her price will climb after she's retired, at which point my current financial distress will have felt worth it lol.

But when she arrived and I saw those aqua eyes and gorgeous long curls, guess what--it already did feel worth it. I regret nothing! :)

So here are a few pictures of Caroline's arrival, stepping out of her former existence as a nameless box lost somewhere among the American Girl's shelves, and becoming part of the Little Raven clan!

Ahhh, yes! She's here!


My first look at Caroline peeping out from behind her box.

Then, of course, I must forever capture that new doll smell with this just-out-of-box photo lol.

Removing her hair net and finger combing the still-clumped wavy hair, I get a sense this gorgeous coiffure is going be a bit extra to take care off. Maybe so, but this doll's hair is to die for!

Caroline's eyes are the most unique of all the American Girls dolls I have seen. The color doesn't translate as well to my photos, but its a unique shade somewhere between blue, green, and gray.

More pictures of Caroline to follow, once she assimilates into her new home and gets to know her 100+ adopted siblings. . . This might take a little while. ;)

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