Yes or No?

My latest treasure hunt has been for boy dolls! With Valentines Day coming up and some super cute ideas for V-Day dresses and outfits, I wanted a little boyfriend romance for some of my girls. Admittedly though, I have been lacking in the boy department. Now, there have been a few boy dolls offered by the different doll companies over the years, but sadly not nearly enough. There are of course girl dolls who have been remade into boy dolls by some creative doll fans, but as cute as they are, the price tag on them is usually a bit high and truthfully, at the moment I'm seeking out some original boy dolls just for the collectable factor.


I was actually lucky to get Gotz Bavarian boy Peter last month, and what a cutie! And I had earlier scored another good-looking Gotz boy doll who was somewhat vintage from the 90s, but in new condition. I also was able to get Harmony Club's handsome Mason during HC's clearance sale, though his coveted buddy Cameron was sold out (?) or at least not available when I got there, indicated by his Out-of-Stock message. What a sad panda that made me, as all my other boys, while handsome, are very similar in coloring, and I felt that with Cameron's boyishly cute face, fairer hair, and big blue eyes, he was perfect for modeling my upcoming Luke Skywalker outfits.

PETER, MASON, AND vintage KARL on the left; CAMERON on the right.

Then just recently Cameron reappeared on the Harmony Club doll site, this time with a disclaimer stating there was only 1 left in stock. But there was no way to add him to your cart! Clicking his link only brought you to the product page that stated Cameron was out of stock, yet the link stating "1 left" remained for days and days. What an epic tease, right?!

Ok I'll bite ;) I've wanted Cameron for a long time so I made a point of hitting that link throughout the day, every day, though usually without much hope. It just became kind of a ritual like my morning walk or evening tea. So here I am this morning, clicking that little link to my heart's only desire, when pop! an "add to cart" button appeared on the product page! Wow, zoom whirrrr click click (I'm trying to simulate mad keyboard sounds here) and next thing I know I am at the Paypal screen clicking "buy" or whatever it was and I'm promptly gifted with a little message that I have purchased Cameron the awesome doll. But. . . have I really?


Now I'm not going to be judgmental or anything but there's always something a little strange about the Harmony Club Doll site. Sometimes there'll be product links claiming some item or another is sold out but will continue to sell more items, or a prize item will list as being available within 24 hours and then it isn't for maybe 48 or 72 hours (yes I stalk the site like a creeper, so arrest me) or an item is said to be available but there is no way to add to cart. Plus hunting down Cameron all over the site during the last couple of months without success has made me question if I really did buy the last one available-- especially as the link now says there is 1 left in stock again, but his availability is out of stock. . . again.


LOL, well ok, he's in my order history for now, and I've been going back to it over and over and over, checking and rechecking to make sure he is, so at least there's that (even though part of me is afraid he's going to poof! next time I look). If all goes well by the end of the day and he's still there, I may start to relax. But until then, I have to keep asking myself, did I really just get Cameron, yes or no?

UPDATE: Three days later, nothing has changed, for the better or worse! Cameron's still in my order history, still paid, and the site still states there is one left on stock. And I'm still not convinced I actually bought him, lol.
UPDATE: Six days later still no change. . . But in the meantime I managed to score a classic Battat Jack in his original box, and a brown-haired boy doll with the Cameron face mold. I suspect he is an earlier Harmony Club boy version. eBay has been good to me. ;)
LATER: Oh wow, I just got notice that "Cameron Boy Doll. Only 1 left in stock" has shipped! I'm so excited! But. . . true?? Lol not sure why I'm having such a  hard time believing this. I guess I'll be convinced when he actually arrives in the next couple of days and I can see for myself that I didn't just pay for air lol.
UPDATE: One week to the day that I clicked the magic cart button, guess who arrived at my house today!! So the wait and mystery and question are over, HC's Cameron is for real! I'm still not sure how I miraculously ended up with this guy when he wasn't available for months before and isn't available all over again after, but he's here anyway and I'm over the moon, so it's all good. :)

Now I'm not going to comment too much on his packaging, suffice to say he forgot to buckle up. But opening up the box was awesome and I can now see why Cameron was such a popular seller. This guy is a heart breaker! Those amazing blue eyes are mesmerizing! Now I always had a thing for Mason myself, thought he was the cuter of the two. But Cameron is really a looker, a perfect 2nd bookend to Mason, and I'm so happy I have both boy Harmonies now!

So with the addition of my three new boy dolls, Cameron, Jack, and Cameron's dark double HC Boy, it looks like six lucky ladies instead of three will have a date this Valentines Day here at Ravenhome! But don't fret yet those of you who don't get picked up front; I'm still on a boy doll quest and it looks like there are more prospects in view!
Note: I do not own the images above of Harmony Club dolls, Battat Jack, custom "American Boy" doll, or "HC Boy Doll." They were found on the Harmony Club doll web site and on eBay, and are the property of their respective owners.


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