The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy

Several weeks working day and night with little break and my first custom pattern is live! This has been a very crazy experience, from first concept, to early drafts, to testing testing testing, digitizing, guidebook writing, and finally seeing it go live.

I never realized before how much work goes into pattern designing and creating. I have a heck of a lot of respect for those who have been doing it awhile. It probably gets. . . Read more about The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy

A List Asian Dolls

Asian dolls Gotz FAO Avery and American Girl #4

Someone recently asked me about the different Asian dolls available to buyers, because it didn't look like there were many. There are probably less than there should be, but there are definitely many beautiful Asian dolls out there if you know what you're looking for. I've decided to gather all the information I have on these dolls in one easily accessed place. This list is my no means complete, as I only have my own personal knowledge to go on. But I have... Read more about A List Asian Dolls

1950s Poodles and Ponies

The 1950s has always been a super popular "flashback" era. Even going back a few decades to the 70s, TV shows like Happy Days indicated we still loved the 50s. 1980s movies like Back to the Future demonstrated again that we still still loved the 50s! For doll fans, 2015 introduced 1950s-themed American Girl Mary Ellen--and she and her pony tail were quite a hit. Read more about 1950s Poodles and Ponies

OG's New May Lee

Our Generation May Lee

I believe this is the first or second Asian model offered by Our Generation, and she's adorable! I'll be honest, I haven't always been that taken with Our Generation dolls. But I got one or two for my series and started to kind of grow on me. Later I picked up and couldn't believe how unbelievably cute she was--like how could I have ever though OGs were anything but adorable?!
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