Annie's Hair

Little Orphan Annie
Annie, of "Little Orphan" fame, has quite the hairstyle! Judging from the list of Annies we've had since the Broadway musical Annie struck gold in the 1970s, the vintage comic strip heroine has apparently sported her signature carrot coiffure like some version of a Harpo Marx cosplayer.

Actually, I think most of the stylists responsible for Annie's curly "do" over the last few decades got it wrong. Read more about Annie's Hair

The Many Faces of Gotz

Gotz Girl

This list will try to cover the basics of some of the most common Gotz doll face sculpts. This isn't a scientific study and I'm not a doctor of dollology (nor do I play one on TV). I'm just going by my own observations and ace research skills. (I didn't spend ten years in college without some take away!)

However, let me say that Gotz dolls are numberless; I might have better luck counting the stars. It will be a task to round up even the more popular ones used by Gotz during. . . Read more about The Many Faces of Gotz

Harmony Club Dolls

Harmony Club Doll Lyric
Harmony Club Dolls is a relatively new doll company that has managed to survive in an extremely competitive doll market and emerge as a success. HC got started in 2012 by buying dolls wholesale from China, customizing them by switching out wigs, and then reselling them for a profit. Their original motto was "Peace, Love and Harmony." Some of the first dolls who were part of this "1st" generation were Arianna, Samantha, Makayla, Summer, Juli, Liberty, Alyssa, and Alexa. Read more about Harmony Club Dolls

Global Friends Aziza

Global Friends Aziza - Egyptian doll with national dress and headband
I had seen images of Global Friends dolls for a while, mostly on this McCall's Crafts pattern for 14" and 18" dolls. I didn't know which dolls these were at first, but I began running into them on the web during my doll journeys last year. I thought they had the cutest little faces, and I eventually learned they were Global Friends, 14" dolls which were produced in the late 90s and were now retired Read more about Global Friends Aziza.

The Feather Didn't Happen

1920s Head Fashion

You just can't come across a 1920s novelty "costume" today without encountering the feather. You know what I mean, that gaudy headband thingy with the single feather proudly protruding from it that supposedly demonstates to us that this is what the 1920s really and truly looked like. It's a common culture and universal belief.  But I'm here to tell you people, the feather didn't happen. Read more about The Feather Didn't Happen

I'm Just Saying. . .

My Twinn 18" doll with the "Berkeley" face sculpt.

My Twinn advertises that you can create a customized doll that looks however you want (or like whomever you want).

But my experience every time I go to the My Twinn website and try to create a custom doll is error messages. "Selected Face Shape not available in Fair or Olive." "Selected Hairstyle not available in Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black." Read more about I'm Just Saying. . .