New Millie

I came across this little cutie on eBay last month, who needed some help. She definitely looked like she'd had some adventures in her life! She was a Breezy Point Treasures doll by Sandra Bilotto, A Life of Faith's Millie Keith.

She was kind of grubby and needed a good bath, but thankfully there was no real damage to her vinyl. The real problem was her hair. Yikes! Millie's long beautiful blonde hair had been snipped, or maybe chewed, right off!

But I don't think a Breezy Point doll can't be pretty, just can't happen--sometimes she just needs a little assistance remembering she is.

So my first order of business: remove the chewed up wig.

Sometimes getting wigs off of these dolls is easy, sometimes not so easy. This one took a bit more effort to remove. But once it was gone, I had a clean slate to work with.

Then into the bath she went to remove the loose dirt, and there was a lot. I followed with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser to get the deep down grime out. Careful around the blushed body bits when you're using this! It could remove the factory color along with the grime.

However, it was obvious to me the cheek blush had to come off because the cheeks had been scratched and the paint on them was discolored. There was no way to get her looking right again unless I started over.

So off the cheek blush came, plus she got an extra buffing over the rougher parts of the scratches to even them out. Just like new again!

Next is always one of my favorite parts of doll re-dos: the face paint! So I had a good look at her and figured as long as I was going to redo her blush, I thought I'd enhance her eyes and brows too. These dolls have such beautiful eyes, and they're actually rather made-up to begin with. So I decided I would build on it by giving her a more polished, "premiere night" look.

The re-blush I gave her was more of a custom paint job than the eyes were. I gave her an all over sun-kissed blush rather than try to recreate her original look.

The finished face.

Finally the wig! I decided I wanted to go with a more glam look for New Millie, to go with her new glam makeover. So I customized this long wavy wig in a pale platinum champagne blonde tone that went really well with Millie's rosy skin tone. I love it! She kind of has a cute "baby-Barbie" look now!

To complete her look, I gave her a simple camisole by Sophia, and a sheer, elastic waist pink skirt. She's rocking her "young Barbie" look.


Millie Before
Millie After


Sarah's picture

May I ask where you sourced the wig? Thanks
Little Raven's picture

The original wig came from eBay, though it's been a while; I can't recall the brand/seller, sorry.
Anonymous's picture

was it an expensive one? or about the £10 mark? sorry, i don't know what that is in $, maybe around $15 or less. thanks
Little Raven's picture

It was not expensive, but the quality was surprisingly good. I recall it being around $13-$14, so yes around the £10 mark.

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