18 inch


Molly is cheerful and outgoing and loves to come up with inventive and fun ideas for herself and her friends to do. She's sort of a ringleader of antics and her ideas have gotten her in trouble sometimes, but her Ravenhome friends Dori and Emily think she's pretty fun to be around.

Molly is ten years old and living in the 1940s during World War II, but Ravenhome's cool and special "nowhen" time zone makes it possible for her to interact and play with all the other Ravenhome girls and boys from any era!

Harmony Club Dolls

Harmony Club Doll Lyric
Harmony Club Dolls is a relatively new doll company that has managed to survive in an extremely competitive doll market and emerge as a success. HC got started in 2012 by buying dolls wholesale from China, customizing them by switching out wigs, and then reselling them for a profit. Their original motto was "Peace, Love and Harmony." Some of the first dolls who were part of this "1st" generation were Arianna, Samantha, Makayla, Summer, Juli, Liberty, Alyssa, and Alexa. Read more about Harmony Club Dolls

Madison and DeeDee

I was pretty happy to find this pretty Kinnex doll named Madison on eBay for a steal. The thing that really struck me about her auction photograph was her resemblance to Gotz Hannah! I did a double take when I saw her, looked again at her price (under $20) and thought something must definitely be up. She was a Buy It Now, so getting her was easy. And when she arrived a few days later and I removed her from her box, I sort of understood the mystery.
Read more about Madison and DeeDee>

I'm Just Saying. . .

My Twinn 18" doll with the "Berkeley" face sculpt.

My Twinn advertises that you can create a customized doll that looks however you want (or like whomever you want).

But my experience every time I go to the My Twinn website and try to create a custom doll is error messages. "Selected Face Shape not available in Fair or Olive." "Selected Hairstyle not available in Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black." Read more about I'm Just Saying. . .

Tender Hearts Girls

Tender Hearts Girl Isabella

In 2011, Paradise Gallery introduced their 18" doll line, Tender Hearts Girls. The line consisted of five individual dolls, brunette Emma, African American Isabella, Hispanic Maria, Asian Olivia, and blonde Sophia.

The dolls could be bought in either a plain clothes version which came with a cute puppy pal pet poodle, or in a Girl Scouts Junior version. Read more about Tender Hearts Girls

Born Again Elsie

When I saw a A Life of Faith Elsie Dinsmore doll up for sale on eBay for a buyout of under $50, I jumped! I'd heard good things about these dolls by faithful ALOF fans, but didn't really know much about them personally--other than they seem to regularly sell for between $100-$200 on the secondary market. This particular Elsie didn't look to be in top condition by any stretch of the imagination, but since I figured this might be a rare opportunity for me to finally own one of these beautiful dolls, I didn't think twice and bought her. Read more about Born Again Elsie