18 inch

Battat Our Generation

Our Generation Alejandra

Our Generation dolls are probably the most prevalent and popular AG doll alternative around, successfully selling its 18" cloth and vinyl dolls since the late 1990s. According to Battat, Our Generation is about "girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation." Read more about Battat Our Generation

Revisiting China

And by revisiting China, I mean having a new look at this little darling who up to now had no name I could decide on. But having ordered her directly from China, I decided the name China would suit her, and I think I pretty much like it that way. Isn't she a beauty? She's so unique!

Unfortunately, China as she came to me needed a little help in the wig department and with her winter wardrobe dispersed a while back among the Raven Clan, she's been wearing this shapeless frock by. . . Read more about Revisiting China

Meiday, Meiday!

I came across a Gotz Pottery Barn Mei on eBay, a "fixer-upper" that seemed like a  good idea at the time. . . Her biggest problems were a bad haircut, which is possibly still workable, and bright red--and I mean bright--permanent marker on her face. I can only guess someone was trying to create a Vampire Mei doll and "accessorized" her with blood running down the corners of her mouth--an original idea at least. Read more about Meiday, Meiday!

Yes or No?

My latest treasure hunt has been for boy dolls! With Valentines Day coming up and some super cute ideas for V-Day dresses and outfits, I wanted a little boyfriend romance for some of my girls. Admittedly though, I have been lacking in the boy department. Now, there have been a few boy dolls offered by the different doll companies over the years, but sadly not nearly enough. There are of course girl dolls who have been remade into boy dolls by some creative doll fans. . . Read more about Yes or No?

Hannah and her Dog!

I can't believe Hannah of Hannah's World | Hannah and her Dog fame popped in on eBay and I can't believe no one nabbed her the first time around. I didn't have the funds so I watched her go by-by with a sigh and a tear. But sure enough, she came back around at a lower price, and up to the last minute no one bid on her again, so I was able to get her! I'm so happy!

She's the 2014 version (there's a new Hannah and her Dog every year) called "Gold Dust Hannah." This doll, no matter the version. . . Read more about Hannah and her Dog!

Did That Really Just Happen?!

Did I just buy what I think is a MAG #26 on eBay for somewhere in the $20 range?!

I have been admiring this little beauty with her bouncy brown curls and amber eyes since, well, forever! Well let's face it, my budget is pretty limited and I haven't bought that many American Girl dolls in general; I usually stick to the lower end dolls for my clothing models. I definitely didn't have any AGs who looked like this girl. . . Read more about Did That Really Just Happen?!

I Just Got a Hannoid!

No I don't require medical attention lol. Let me explain.

So I splurged (a little) and just got myself a Gotz Hannah at long last! Well, she's really more of a Anna than a Hannah, more like Hannah-oid, but it all works out to about the same in the end since they are essentially the same model.

Hannahs are a bit pricey for me, but Anna the Hannah twin popped up on eBay for significantly less than Hannah tends to go for, and I. . . Read more about I Just Got a Hannoid!