American Girl

LRC Custom and Molly McIntire

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .
Today my two randoms are this Little Raven Custom doll and of course, American Girl doll Molly McIntire.
The custom cutie with the pout has the Secrist "Button" sculpt and a long wavy brown wig from Monique that she is just all about!
Molly McIntire came to me a few years ago during her retire from American Girl. She was my first ever American Girl doll, and the doll that kicked off my 18" girl obsession. . .

American Boy Logan Everett Review

After years (probably decades) of American Girl fans asking for a boy doll, AG has released their first "American Boy," Logan Everett. It feels a bit like the old best friend doll days with Logan's debut, as his release accompanies AG rising country music star Tenney Grant, whose backup drummer happens to be--you guessed it: Logan Everett. Read more about American Boy Logan Everett Review

American Girl #4

American Girl Just Like You #4
American Girl #4 goes all the way back to 1995 when she originally made her debut as the first "Asian-American Girl." Her face mold is unique; no other AG has it. Her eyes are very dark brown, her long, straight, fringed hair is black. Her vinyl skin color is slightly more sallow than Caucasian AG dolls. She was retired in 2011, so she is only available on the secondary markets like eBay. One can expect to pay $70 - $100 for an AG #4  in good condition.


Emily is shy and reserved. She has had to deal with a lot of trauma growing up in 1940s war-torn England, and this has made her withdrawn and cautious. But she is learning to come out of her shell and get involved in all the adventures her friend Molly is always dreaming up.

Emily is ten years old, living in England (and briefly in America) during World War II. But thanks to the special magic going on at Ravenhome, Emily can meet and play with many other girls (and boys) from different times and places.


Molly is cheerful and outgoing and loves to come up with inventive and fun ideas for herself and her friends to do. She's sort of a ringleader of antics and her ideas have gotten her in trouble sometimes, but her Ravenhome friends Dori and Emily think she's pretty fun to be around.

Molly is ten years old and living in the 1940s during World War II, but Ravenhome's cool and special "nowhen" time zone makes it possible for her to interact and play with all the other Ravenhome girls and boys from any era!

Did That Really Just Happen?!

Did I just buy what I think is a MAG #26 on eBay for somewhere in the $20 range?!

I have been admiring this little beauty with her bouncy brown curls and amber eyes since, well, forever! Well let's face it, my budget is pretty limited and I haven't bought that many American Girl dolls in general; I usually stick to the lower end dolls for my clothing models. I definitely didn't have any AGs who looked like this girl. . . Read more about Did That Really Just Happen?!

AG Twins, Alternatives, and Knock-offs

Springfield Collection Niya and American Girl Kaya
I'm launching my blog this week with a discussion on getting up to speed with 18" play dolls! I have a lot of ideas for weekly blog topics, but one in particular that I'd really like get started with right away is the comparison of different 18" dolls types with American Girl dolls (for those who might be considering buying alternatives). Read more about AG Twins, Alternatives, and Knock-offs