Collectors Lane Kids

Battat Jack

Battat Collectors Lane Kids Jack
Jack was part of Battat's original Collectors Lane Kids line which preceded their current Our Generation doll collection. Jack was one of five Collectors Lane dolls, and the only boy. Jack also shares the distinction of being the only Battat 18" boy doll to date.



Jack has blue eyes that tend towards "shiny" in certain light, and blond wigged hair that tends to frizz badly over time. Fortunately he can be easily re-wigged and many collectors have done so, often giving him darker hair to match his slightly tan or beige complexion. He has a cloth and vinyl articulated body like Our Generation dolls.  He comes dressed in one of many different starter outfits.

Since he is retired, he can sometimes be elusive, although he does show up on secondary markets like eBay with semi-regularity. For a Jack in mint condition, the cost can sometimes range on the high side of $100, although he is frequently found in fair condition for much less. His asking price usually runs from $20 to $70.

Battat Our Generation

Our Generation Alejandra

Our Generation dolls are probably the most prevalent and popular AG doll alternative around, successfully selling its 18" cloth and vinyl dolls since the late 1990s. According to Battat, Our Generation is about "girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation." Read more about Battat Our Generation