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FAO Schwartz Avery and Gotz Asian Hannah

FAO Schwartz Avery and Gotz Asian Hannah
FAO Schwatz Asian Avery (by Gotz) and Gotz Asian Hannah use essentially the same Gotz Asian model. The main difference is in their hairstyle. Avery's straight black hair is worn in a chin-length bob, either with or without bangs/ fringe. Asian Hannah has much longer, wavy black hair with bangs/ fringe. They each have brown eyes and light tan skin, though their face paint may vary slightly. They are slim 18" vinyl dolls.

Avery, who is now retired by FAO Schwartz, can be easily found used on the secondary market for about $30 - $60. Asian Hannah is available from the Gotz website and other online doll markets for about $130 - $150. She can also be found new on the secondary market for about the same price.

Hannah and her Dog!

I can't believe Hannah of Hannah's World | Hannah and her Dog fame popped in on eBay and I can't believe no one nabbed her the first time around. I didn't have the funds so I watched her go by-by with a sigh and a tear. But sure enough, she came back around at a lower price, and up to the last minute no one bid on her again, so I was able to get her! I'm so happy!

She's the 2014 version (there's a new Hannah and her Dog every year) called "Gold Dust Hannah." This doll, no matter the version. . . Read more about Hannah and her Dog!

I Just Got a Hannoid!

No I don't require medical attention lol. Let me explain.

So I splurged (a little) and just got myself a Gotz Hannah at long last! Well, she's really more of a Anna than a Hannah, more like Hannah-oid, but it all works out to about the same in the end since they are essentially the same model.

Hannahs are a bit pricey for me, but Anna the Hannah twin popped up on eBay for significantly less than Hannah tends to go for, and I. . . Read more about I Just Got a Hannoid!