Heidi Ott

It's Going. . .

I've got some progress going on my four rescues. In the past, I've worked on up to three dolls at a time so taking on four is a lot to bite off! But so far so good. I'm especially happy with the way my Heidi Ott disembodied-Hannah-head-bargain is looking; it's come a long way since pairing itself with a headless AG body--a match made in doll heaven. Hannah is now Han, and I'm loving his freckles and brows. He's close to done now, just needs new clothes. Read more about It's Going. . .

Heidi Ott Boys

Heidi Ott Benjamin
Heidi Ott dolls were sold by Target in 1996 and later directly by Heidi Ott in 1999. Out of the ten historically-themed dolls, four were boys, most of which are very difficult to find today. Fortunately one of the boys, Benjamin, is fairly easy to track down on eBay or other secondary markets. He comes in a variety of themes and outfits like the other Heidi Otts. He was sold as the brother of lookalike Heidi Ott girl Beth.


The other boys, Jacob, Daniel, and Willy, are extremely rare and almost never show up on the secondary market. (In a year and a half of searching almost daily, I have seen one or two pop up only twice.) There seems to be a small amount of confusion on the internet (and from sellers) about which boy is whom. Based on a few solid sources and the age-old process of elimination, I've narrowed it down to some likely matches. (I don't guarantee them to be 100% accurate.)

HEIDI OTT BOYS: JACOB (left) and DANIEL (right)


Heidi Ott dolls stand about 19" tall. They have soft-standing, non articulated, tightly stuffed cloth bodies with vinyl extremities that start at the elbow and thigh. They need a little help from a doll stand (or wall) to stand. The boys come in a range of hair and eye colors from pale blond and blue eyes (Ben) to dark brown/black hair and brown eyes (Willy). Their wigged hair quality is slightly less than dolls like American Girl, but perhaps better than others. They range in price from about $10 to about $40 commonly, although their asking price is occasionally higher. Some Mint in Box dolls may command upward of $100.

Heidi Ott Jade (?)

Heidi Ott Jade (?)
Heidi Ott offered an 18" Asian doll who was part of the un-jointed, cloth-bodied Faithful Friends collection and whose name may (or may not) have been Jade. She is extremely rare, so details are scarce. She had light skin, dark eyes, and long, uncharacteristically-Asian, wavy brown hair. Below are other images of a "Jade" who was re-wigged to look more Asian. She can very, very rarely be found on secondary market sites and usually for no less than about $75 and upward of $100 and more.