My Twinn

My Twinn 18" Pearl and Kim

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .
So today my two random dolls are not so random. They're 18" My Twinn Pearl and Kim. I've been on a mission for these girls for awhile; they're a bit harder to find. I missed one or two eBay auctions in that time but was finally able to get both of them!

My bigger quest is to get all four 18" Asian molds, Pearl, Kim, Berkeley, and Cai. I've collected three of them in the last year and hopefully I'm zeroing in on the last.

Learning the Faces

I've never really been adept at all the My Twinn face sculpts, and I'm always in awe of the My Twinn fans who can instantly identify any of the many 23" dolls on sight. It's possible I just never took the time to learn them, but with the exception of a few that stood out to me like Danielle and Madison and Kate (or Caitie) they have always been a bit of a mystery to me. . . Read more about Learning the Faces

It's Going. . .

I've got some progress going on my four rescues. In the past, I've worked on up to three dolls at a time so taking on four is a lot to bite off! But so far so good. I'm especially happy with the way my Heidi Ott disembodied-Hannah-head-bargain is looking; it's come a long way since pairing itself with a headless AG body--a match made in doll heaven. Hannah is now Han, and I'm loving his freckles and brows. He's close to done now, just needs new clothes. Read more about It's Going. . .

My Twinn Asian Dolls

My Twinn Dolls Berkeley and Cai
My Twinn offers a number of Asian face sculpts in both the 23" and 18" size. All of the dolls are now retired as My Twinn has closed down their website, but some can be found on the secondary markets for a wide range of prices, depending on the condition of the doll. Some of these dolls are quite rare, others are less rare. Only a search through the secondary marketplace will reveal which dolls can be found. A buyer can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $200 or more.

Some of the 18" versions of the 23" dolls (which My Twin debuted in 2013 to compete with the popular 18" doll market) can also be difficult find. At the time of this writing, certain 18" Asian Twinns, like Cai and Berkeley, may be more common on the secondary market, while others, such as Kim and Pearl, may be less common. Some of the remaining 18" Asian Twinns, if they even exist, may be extremely rare.

I'm Just Saying. . .

My Twinn 18" doll with the "Berkeley" face sculpt.

My Twinn advertises that you can create a customized doll that looks however you want (or like whomever you want).

But my experience every time I go to the My Twinn website and try to create a custom doll is error messages. "Selected Face Shape not available in Fair or Olive." "Selected Hairstyle not available in Blonde, Brown, Red, or Black." Read more about I'm Just Saying. . .