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More Randoms

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .
Two random dolls because busy reasons. . . Today I have two more randoms rather than more AG friends or reviews or rescues, as I'm busy getting a new group of customs out. The featured girls are Our Generation May Lee and Laura Ashley vintage doll Alana Michelle.

Review: Our Generation Rafael

This week I'm really happy to be reviewing Target's Our Generation new boy doll Rafael!

Rafael is pretty special because he's the first ever Our Generation boy doll. He's not, however, the first boy from Battat, the company who makes Our Generation dolls. In the 1990s, Battat had another 18" doll collection called Collector's Lane Kids, which included one boy doll and four girl dolls. Read more about Review: Our Generation Rafael

New Kids on the Block

Wow, so it looks like both My LIfe As and Our Generation each have a brand new boy doll to compete with American Girl's Logan Everett! 

These guys look really cute and I hope I get a chance to review one (or both) of them soon. The new My Life as a School Boy looks like a blond version of the Caucasian school boy by My Life as, but with a bookish flavor. I love it!

Our Generation's new boy Rafael is especially special in . . . Read more about New Kids on the Block

It's Going. . .

I've got some progress going on my four rescues. In the past, I've worked on up to three dolls at a time so taking on four is a lot to bite off! But so far so good. I'm especially happy with the way my Heidi Ott disembodied-Hannah-head-bargain is looking; it's come a long way since pairing itself with a headless AG body--a match made in doll heaven. Hannah is now Han, and I'm loving his freckles and brows. He's close to done now, just needs new clothes. Read more about It's Going. . .

Our Generation May Lee and Suyin

Our Generation May Lee
Our Generation recently released Asian May Lee, soon followed by Suyin, each of whom have an original Our Generation face sculpt. May has long black hair in pigtails and bangs. Suyin has medium length black hair in pigtails and a side part.

Previous to May Lee and Suyin, Our Generation may have offered few or no Asian dolls, although they are currently both sold through Target and retail for about $25. However not every Target store will carry them and they may need to be ordered through Target's website.

Battat, the company behind the Our Generation dolls, previously offered at least one other Asian doll that is rare to find today. Her name is unknown. She had light skin, brown eyes, and black fringed hair. She can sometimes be found on the secondary market for varying prices.


Battat may possibly have offered other Asian dolls besides this one.

OG's New May Lee

Our Generation May Lee

I believe this is the first or second Asian model offered by Our Generation, and she's adorable! I'll be honest, I haven't always been that taken with Our Generation dolls. But I got one or two for my series and started to kind of grow on me. Later I picked up and couldn't believe how unbelievably cute she was--like how could I have ever though OGs were anything but adorable?!
Read more about OG's New May Lee

Battat Our Generation

Our Generation Alejandra

Our Generation dolls are probably the most prevalent and popular AG doll alternative around, successfully selling its 18" cloth and vinyl dolls since the late 1990s. According to Battat, Our Generation is about "girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation." Read more about Battat Our Generation