Doll Rescue

Tipi's Eyes

Don't you just love Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls? They're so pretty, but what's with that purple eye disease some of them get?

I kept seeing so many of these purple-eye dolls on eBay and wondering if anything could be done for them. I had never done eye surgery on a H4H doll, so the thought was a little intimidating, but I couldn't see one of these otherwise perfect beautiful dolls being diminished in this way.

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Emma's New Hair

I didn't know anything about Emma when I first saw her on eBay, other than she had the sweetest little face. I didn't even know her name at the time. I had bid on a doll just like her some months before, but lost the auction. So when she came around again, I had another go and won. So who was this little cutie with the bendable body and irresistible pout? Read more about Emma's New Hair

Madison and DeeDee

I was pretty happy to find this pretty Kinnex doll named Madison on eBay for a steal. The thing that really struck me about her auction photograph was her resemblance to Gotz Hannah! I did a double take when I saw her, looked again at her price (under $20) and thought something must definitely be up. She was a Buy It Now, so getting her was easy. And when she arrived a few days later and I removed her from her box, I sort of understood the mystery.
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Born Again Elsie

When I saw a A Life of Faith Elsie Dinsmore doll up for sale on eBay for a buyout of under $50, I jumped! I'd heard good things about these dolls by faithful ALOF fans, but didn't really know much about them personally--other than they seem to regularly sell for between $100-$200 on the secondary market. This particular Elsie didn't look to be in top condition by any stretch of the imagination, but since I figured this might be a rare opportunity for me to finally own one of these beautiful dolls, I didn't think twice and bought her. Read more about Born Again Elsie

Revisiting China

And by revisiting China, I mean having a new look at this little darling who up to now had no name I could decide on. But having ordered her directly from China, I decided the name China would suit her, and I think I pretty much like it that way. Isn't she a beauty? She's so unique!

Unfortunately, China as she came to me needed a little help in the wig department and with her winter wardrobe dispersed a while back among the Raven Clan, she's been wearing this shapeless frock by. . . Read more about Revisiting China

Meiday, Meiday!

I came across a Gotz Pottery Barn Mei on eBay, a "fixer-upper" that seemed like a  good idea at the time. . . Her biggest problems were a bad haircut, which is possibly still workable, and bright red--and I mean bright--permanent marker on her face. I can only guess someone was trying to create a Vampire Mei doll and "accessorized" her with blood running down the corners of her mouth--an original idea at least. Read more about Meiday, Meiday!