The Last of the Three Goes Home

Today I sent off the third and final AG doll I received as a group back at the beginning of my doll quest when I was just a little bitty baby doll newb. :) Back when I only had a MAG #42 and a Molly/ Emily retirement combo,  a Laura Ashley doll, and a Madame Alexander, and decided I wanted to learn how to restore dolls. I saw an eBay auction for three AG fixer uppers, and well, I went for it. 

I never thought at the time I got them that I'd ever want to sell them after fixing them up; they actually remained as part of my ever growing collection for over a year. They turned out well for a first-time fix it effort too, and I was pretty proud of them; I had no intention of getting rid of them.

But after the fire scare I had a few of months back, when I realized I probably couldn't get all my too-many dolls out to safety if the necessity ever arose again, I decided to pare down my collection to something more manageable, much as it pains me. Heck, I have gotten very attached to my little vinyl children!

So my original three fixer uppers, a MAG #24 and two Felicitys, went out to auction one by one starting early this year, and the last of them, the older Pleasant company Felicity from the 1990s with a dangling leg and a badly hacked up wig, said a final goodbye to Ravenhome as restrung, rewigged, and rebooted American Boy "Seth."


Seth actually had two reboots: the first as a tow haired blonde who also modeled as Elsa the Ice Queen the Christmas before last. . .


And finally, after a new BJD wig and an eye swap with a fixer upper Natalie (who became boy Nate) Felicity-Elsa was reborn as dark-haired, blue eyed Seth. The second look actually suited him perfectly, and to tell the truth he was much happier with it. ;)

So Seth is on his way to his new home tonight, and the last of the first three rescues I ever did is now a Ravenhome alumni. :) Good luck in your new life, guy. And of course, the same to #24 and Felicity #2, wherever you ended up in the big world!


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