LRC Fant'sy Frock in the Works

I got to painting my custom dolls when I realized I didn't have all the colors I needed. Apparently I thought I could paint the brows and lashes with flesh colors too!

So after playing around with some blush and lip color, I set the heads aside and I ordered some more paints in the right colors.

They won't be here for a week maybe, so in the meantime, I started working on a new pattern, a fantasy-type frock. It will be perfect for a witch dress, and just in time for Halloween!

I've had limited time to work on general patterns lately since I've been focusing on my custom dolls, but I definitely needed an accompaniment to the Fabulous Witch Hat and the Fant'sy Elf Hat patterns since like last year. So I'll be working on that while I wait for my paints to arrive.

I've sketched up a general purpose fantasy style dress and will be working on making it into reality this weekend. I hope to get the pattern done and on my Etsy shop before the holiday season.

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