Alicia's Up. . .

Gotz Precious Day Alicia

. . . for bid on eBay!

Gotz Precious Day rare Hispanic doll Alicia who I don't think often makes the rounds on eBay popped in today and is closing in just a couple of days. I've never seen her up for bid in the months I've been haunting the daily auctions, nor have I ever even seen a clear image of her anywhere on the net; either I'm pretty sheltered, or she's pretty rare. Yet I personally have had an eye out for this girl for some time and am really thrilled she is up for bid for a very reasonable starter.

I'm not sure how sought after she is nor how hard she might be to get, but have to say I love the idea of bringing Precious Day Alicia back to Ravenhome with the other girls, including her Precious Day galpals Jess, Lisa, and Kim. So I'll probably give the auction a try using my uber l33t eBay skillz. ;)  I can't say what the outcome will be, but it should be interesting!

I'll report back in a few days after the auction is over, and we will see then how things went. :)

AUCTION UPDATE:  . . . and MINE! :D /cheer  #sohappy

Alicia reunited with her PD friend Kimberly

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