My Twinn 18" Wendi and Today's Girl Olivia

Two random dolls, because reasons. . .
These are two of my favorite 18" dolls, My Twinn Wendi(??) and Today's Girl Lotus Onda doll Olivia by CP Toys.

Wendi is still exactly like she came to me during the My Twinn closeout sale last year. I just love this face! So introspective, a little bit shy, and a hint of a playful smile. I haven't even changed her clothes yet, a bit busy, but I want to create something classic for her in time. I'd also like to redo her factory eyebrows and give her a new, dark wig. She always reminded me a bit of a very young Elizabeth Taylor, so I think I'm going to go with that theme.

Today's Girl Olivia is pretty special because I don't believe CP Toys sells this particular model anymore. In fact you can't get a darker skinned TG doll any longer, and especially not with the natural AA hair. I think she is so adorable and I just love her beautiful hair.  I haven't changed her original clothes either in the two years I've had her. Wow, time to plan something for her too.

I picked these two dolls at random and photographed them together because I just did. ;)

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