18 inch

Learning the Faces

I've never really been adept at all the My Twinn face sculpts, and I'm always in awe of the My Twinn fans who can instantly identify any of the many 23" dolls on sight. It's possible I just never took the time to learn them, but with the exception of a few that stood out to me like Danielle and Madison and Kate (or Caitie) they have always been a bit of a mystery to me. . . Read more about Learning the Faces

Lotus Onda Dolls

Doll and toy manufacturer Lotus Onda was established in 1972 and is the force behind the popular toothy, chubby-cheeked dolls distributed by Today's Girl, My London Girl, My Pal/ My Sibling, The New York Collection, Canadian Newberry dolls, and defunct companies like Gali Girls. Read more about Lotus Onda Dolls

Kingstate Friendship Kids

Kingstate the Dollcrafter originally produced porcelain collector dolls in 17" or 19", but in 1998 they released a vinyl 18" doll collection called Friendship Kids that strongly resembled the company's porcelain dolls.

Then in the mid 2000s, the Friendship Kids were slightly updated with a new wardrobe to look less like their predecessors and more like popular vinyl dolls. Read more about Kingstate Friendship Kids

Tonner My Imagination Doll Review

I was super happy to get my Tonner My Imagination doll in the mail over the weekend. She was a preorder from months ago, so it looks like some of the My Imagination dolls are finally coming in. This is only my second Tonner doll--third if you count Effanbee Katie who was sold through Tonner a while back. But I've been following the Tonner website for a while now, and have long been a fan of their gorgeous art and play dolls. Naturally when they announced they would be adding their own contribution to the 18" doll market, I was on board!
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Emma's New Hair

I didn't know anything about Emma when I first saw her on eBay, other than she had the sweetest little face. I didn't even know her name at the time. I had bid on a doll just like her some months before, but lost the auction. So when she came around again, I had another go and won. So who was this little cutie with the bendable body and irresistible pout? Read more about Emma's New Hair

OG's New May Lee

Our Generation May Lee

I believe this is the first or second Asian model offered by Our Generation, and she's adorable! I'll be honest, I haven't always been that taken with Our Generation dolls. But I got one or two for my series and started to kind of grow on me. Later I picked up and couldn't believe how unbelievably cute she was--like how could I have ever though OGs were anything but adorable?!
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Emily is shy and reserved. She has had to deal with a lot of trauma growing up in 1940s war-torn England, and this has made her withdrawn and cautious. But she is learning to come out of her shell and get involved in all the adventures her friend Molly is always dreaming up.

Emily is ten years old, living in England (and briefly in America) during World War II. But thanks to the special magic going on at Ravenhome, Emily can meet and play with many other girls (and boys) from different times and places.