Fant'sy Frock Pattern

It's fantasy! It's fancy! It's the new Fant'sy Frock dress pattern by Little Raven Creations for your standard 18" doll.

This pattern can create a beautiful, one of a kind fantasy witch, pirate, steampunk, or seasonal holiday dress or costume. The Fant'sy Frock pattern creates a fully lined, layered, lace-up bodice tutu with a double skirt and a distinctive neckline.
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Fant'sy Elf Hat Pattern

The Fant’sy Elf Hat pattern by Little Raven Creations is here! This is a beautiful, European style fantasy elf hat pattern for 18” dolls. The completed hat can be left plain for a fun and playful look, or embellished for a one-of-a-kind heirloom doll hat. Embellishing tips are provided. The Fant’sy Elf Hat is just in time for Christmas, but it can also be used for your fantasy doll projects all year long!

Pair it with the Fant’sy Vest by Little Raven Creations to complete your fantasy elf look for 18”-19” dolls. Read more about Fant'sy Elf Hat Pattern

Christmas Elf Costume (14 Inch)

European style Christmas elf costume for 14 inch dolls such as Global Friends dolls. Dress and Hat are made of red stretch velvet and has a snap back closure. Dress is trimmed in metallic gold ribbon and green and gold hand embroidery. Hat is trimmed in gold beads, red hand embroidery and miniature jingling bells. Leggings are stretch knit. This is a beautiful holiday outfit for 14 inch dolls. Shoes not included.

Note: Hat is made to fit 14' dolls with small heads of 8"-9". It will not fit large head dolls such as Hearts for Hearts.

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The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy

Several weeks working day and night with little break and my first custom pattern is live! This has been a very crazy experience, from first concept, to early drafts, to testing testing testing, digitizing, guidebook writing, and finally seeing it go live.

I never realized before how much work goes into pattern designing and creating. I have a heck of a lot of respect for those who have been doing it awhile. It probably gets. . . Read more about The Fant'sy Vest is up on Etsy

Fant'sy Vest Pattern

It's fancy! t's fantasy! It's the cool new Fant'sy Vest pattern for your 18" doll. This pattern can create a fantasy, steampunk, holiday, or even a carnival or anime-style look with this unique design. The Fant'sy Vest is a fully lined, princess seamed, lace-up vest made to fit most 18" dolls. Tips are also provided for embellishments. Read more about Fant'sy Vest Pattern