The Last of the Three Goes Home

Today I sent off the third and final AG doll I received as a group back at the beginning of my doll quest when I was just a little bitty baby doll newb. :) Back when I only had a MAG #42 and a Molly/ Emily retirement combo, a Laura Ashley doll, and a Madame Alexander, and decided I wanted to learn how to restore dolls. I saw an eBay auction for three AG fixer uppers, and well, I went for it.

I never thought at the time I got them that I'd ever want to sell them after fixing them up. . . Read more about The Last of the Three Goes Home

The Plague of the Spam Bots

The comment spam on this site was really getting out of control! While I'm sure we would all love to know where to get those cheap pharmaceuticals, maybe another place and time would be better for that! ;)

It's actually been a major chore to regularly go through hundreds of anonymous spam comments only to find a legitimate post here and there that got lost in the shuffle for days. :( So after some anti-spam module hunting and adding a bit of custom code to my site, I think I may have found a way to keep spam mostly out -- knock on wood! Read more about The Plague of the Spam Bots

LRC Doll Company

Little Raven Creations doll parts

The Little Raven Creations Doll Company is born at last!

Well, I just received my first shipment of doll parts as a Secrist wholesaler, and wow, $500 worth of doll parts can sure fit into a small box lol. I suppose that's because its mostly heads and limbs, and you can get pretty creative in puzzle-piecing them into a small area. Its like doll part Tetris. :)

So here they are! I'm finally beginning on my journey towards my year long dream of having my own doll line! And it goes really well hand-in-hand with my custom clothing design project for creating very unique doll themes. I'm so excited! Lots of imagery and ideas are crossing my mind right now! Read more about LRC Doll Company

It's Going. . .

I've got some progress going on my four rescues. In the past, I've worked on up to three dolls at a time so taking on four is a lot to bite off! But so far so good. I'm especially happy with the way my Heidi Ott disembodied-Hannah-head-bargain is looking; it's come a long way since pairing itself with a headless AG body--a match made in doll heaven. Hannah is now Han, and I'm loving his freckles and brows. He's close to done now, just needs new clothes. Read more about It's Going. . .

What I'm Working on Today

Working on My Twinn Ariel 18

Four dolls mainly, bringing them back to life, and in some cases, giving them a new life:
A disembodied Secrist Annette who got a new, articulated, Meritus(?) body and who is going to restart life as a boy.
An Our Generation blonde, green-eyed cutie who is going to get a new custom face (she's one brow into it already).
A disembodied Heidi Ott Hannah who got partnered with a headless AG body and who needs new face paint and who is also going to reboot as a boy. Read more about What I'm Working on Today

It's Almost Here

Little Raven Creations Basics: Boxer Shorts. Soon to be here. I'm going through the final test runs today. There are actually two styles offered in this pattern; three if you count the variation on one.

Good doll boxer shorts are hard to make. How hard? Well, I wanted something that could actually be worn under clothing without bunching and lumping, so I had to strike a good balance balance between authentic and workable Read more about It's Almost Here

Castle Chaos

Oops, I've been AWOL for a while trying to deal with everything at the homestead, or Castle Chaos--by which name it shall be known for the moment.

Besides persistent car problems making it very difficult to get here or there, when I need to get here or there (yeah I'm way too old for this) and little stray animals that keep making their adorable way to my home and tumbling about with little stray animals who made their way to my home 15 years ago and now just want to be left in peace. . . Read more about Castle Chaos